GMAP 10/29 Quiz

In the former Soviet Union, the Communist Part made decisions for the nation without much input from individual republics in it. This form of govt is called ...

Unitary System

In a confederacy, state of provincial governments hold most of the power. Which nation most likely demonstrates this?

United Arab Emirates

Which country has a federal system of government?

United States

Who makes most (all?) of the important decisions in an autocracy?

The ruler.

What country has an autocratic government?

Saudi Arabia - because the decisions are made by the ruler.

Who makes the decisions in an oligarchy?

A small group of powerful leaders

Why do the individual voters have more power in a democracy than they do in an autocracy?

Voters get to choose who make the laws.

Which country is closest to a democracy?


What is the difference between a presidential democracy and parliamentary democracy?

How the leader of the executive branch is chosen.

Which country is a theocracy?


Which is the most common economic system in use today?


How have Israelis made up for their lack of natural resources?

They have developed strong technology companies in their economy.

What is economic specialization?

Producing those goods a country can make most efficiently so that they can trade them for goods made by others that can't be produced as efficiently.

Why have the Israelis made a big investment in human capital?

They need well trained workers because their economy depends on advanced technology; emphasis on advanced education.

How has the Saudi government started to use its wealth to change the country?

The government has paid for improvements to education, health care, and agriculture.

Which of the following is not an example of a trade barrier?


What happens to the price of oil when OPEC countries decide to limit production?

Prices rise