Practice Test 9

Which DWC Notice requires proof of service

DWC 500-E

Who is responsible for enforcing benefit notices and timeliness of payments?

Administrative Director

Because the employer does not have a plant nurse the employee is sent to a physician for removal of a foreign object from her eye. The physician removes the object and recommends one follow-up visit. You should:

Treat the incident as first aid and do not set up a claim

1997 PD - A 47 year old electrician has a knee injury in 2000 resulting in a preclusion from squatting and kneeling. Flexion is 130/


The employer and employee file a third party action and obtain recovery. Who has the first right of recovery?

Employer, if lien doesn't exceed the amount of recovery

An injured worker goes to the doctor and is told he has an aphakic eye with vision of 20/50 correctable to 20/25. What is the correct standard rating?


A 20 year old employee with a back injury is sent to a middle of the road physician who says the employee is going to have permanent disability. You are responsible for:

medical, PD, TD, VR if applicable

Which specialist would you refer the employee to for a herniated disc?

orthopedic surgeon

A Petition for Reconsideration must be filed within how many days of service of a Findings and Award by the WCAB?

20 days

To protect your right to recover workers' compensation payments from a negligent 3rd party you should file

A Complaint in Intervention

The AA files an App for ADJ. You choose not to be represented. What docs do you file with the WCAB?

original medical reports

An ER calls and directs you to deny a claim you know is compensable. You should:

pay benefits if they are due

When an insurer knows or reasonably believes that a fraudulent act has been committed in connection with a WC claim the appropriate authorities shall be notified within

60 days

What is the max amount a person can make in order to qualify for total dependency


A medical only claim is one in which

no indemnity payments have been made

An ER desiring a change of employee-selected physician can petition the

administrative director

A retired employee working as a reserve police officer is injured and has TD and PD. You should pay TD and PD at what rate?

maximum for both

For an injured employee 38 years of age, the rating?

Would stay the same

A _____ pain could be tolerated but would cause a marked handicap in the performance of the activity precipitating the pain


When can you proceed with a civil action against a co-employee for an injury as well as receive WC benefits?

coworker was intoxicated and/or intentional aggressor

The employer's insurance carrier files an app against EE. Later EE becomes represented. When the case is settled, who has to pay the attorney fees?

the insurance carrier

Ratable PD shall not be increased if the subjective disability is described as


Occasional severe back pain takes what standard rating?

25% PD

When an occupation occurs which is not listed in the schedule yo should?

Determine the basic functions and activities and relate it to a scheduled occupation

A 46 year old electric arc furnace operator is limited to light work as a result of silicosis. What is the level of PD?


Hoarseness takes what standard rating?


For an injury to the knee DOI 1/15/2011, to a cook 28 y/o, after you adjust for occupation what does the rating do for age?


An employee is injured March 2, 2011, but doesn't tell ER until March 4, 2011. EE goes to doctor that day and is taken off work. DWC-1 returned March 7, 2011. When does disability begin?

March 4, 2011

An injured employee who is temporarily disabled is incarcerated for an unrelated crime. You should

continue to pay TD

The dominant hand is _____ than the non-dominant hand

10% stronger

The EE's PTP releases him to RTW after removal of patella and indicates condition is P&S. You should

cut off TD and begin advancing PD

A knee injury produces no objective disability or work restrictions but the PTP prescribes a local knee brace. What is the standard rating for the knee?


Reduction of vision to ______ or less is considered complete loss of sight in an eye


Entropian means:

inversion of eyelid

ectropian means:

eversion of eyelid

Leg braces when prescribed may be used

as an index to the degree if insability

What is not an ADL?


Under AMA Guides apportionment is based on?


For an injury on or after 1/1/2005, the max WPI under AMA Guides is:


What is the standard for an injury in 1997 involving an amputation of the major thumb at the carpal joint?


A disability is considered P&S when

The EE has reached MMI under AMA Guides

Within how many days is the ER or insurance carrier supposed to receive the report of an evaluating physician?

45 days

The Er does not have an MPN. How long does an injured employee have to wait before s/he can go to their own doctor?

30 days

An employer's first report of occ injury or illness (5020) must be filed within

5 days

How many days does an injured employee have to object to the report of a PTP?

20 days

An injured worker unreasonably fails or refuses to get medical tx for his injuries. You should?

Continue payment of WC benefits and Petition the WCAB to Suspend the payment of benefits for unreasonable refusal of treatment.

You are paying TD pursuant to an award. How long to do you have to file a Petition to Terminate Liability for continuing payments after terminating payments?

10 days

An employee injured in 2000 dies in 2006 from his injuries. What is the amount of the death benefit?


What is the least amount of loss of motion of a finger(s) that is ratable using the 1997 schedule?

barely touching

Dupuytren's contracture involves


The two most common fingers involved in Dupuytren's contracture are

little and ring fingers

pronation of the forearm means to

turn the hand so the palm faces down

An employee suffers an injury in 1992 resulting in PD award of $69,782. The Appeals Board finds the injury was a result of the employee's serious and willful misconduct. The employee's compensation otherwise recoverable may be reduced by

no reduction