Ch. 30-Skin Care pt teaching plans-peds test3

Infants-Don't use deodorant soaps or soaps with perfume because

they can cause skin irritation

Infants-Be careful using products that contain alcohol because

this is very drying to the skin

Infants-Bathe your infant

from the head down to the toes

Infants-When changing diapers, be sure to wipe from front to back. This will help prevent

bladder infections

Infants-Change diapers whenever

they become wet or soiled. This will help prevent diaper rash

Infants-Whenever going outside of the house

apply sunblock to your infant's skin. Even if it iscloudy, many sunrays still cut through the clouds, and your infant can still become sunburned.

Infants-Place a hat on the infant when outdoors to

protect head and face from sunrays

infants-Keep your infant's nails

trimmed- This will help to prevent scratches

Children-Teach your child how to correctly wash his or her hands after __________ and before _________ to decrease spread of infection.

after going to the bathroom andbefore eating

Children-wound care

Clean any wound as quickly as possible, checking to see if there are any fragments suchas pebbles, glass, metal, and dirt in the wound. Apply antibiotic ointment to the wound using a cotton-tip swab. This will prevent contamination of the ointment tube and is less painful to the child

Children-Apply sunblock any time your child will be

playing outdoors for an extended amount oftime. If at the beach, lake, or river, the sunblock needs to be reapplied throughout the day, usually every 2 or 3 hours

Children-Children should wear a hat when outdoors in the sun, especially

at the beach or pool

Children-to prevent chapping and sunburn

Apply lip balm that contains sunblock

Adolescents-Teach your son or daughter to wash his or her face

at least twice a day. Use a clean cloth each time. Be sure all of the cleaning agent has been removed as certain ones can cause skin damage.

Adolescents-Teach your son or daughter not to ____ a pimple or zit

pop"-This can cause infection at the site and scarring.

Adolescents-The type of skin your adolescent has will determine

whether or not a moisturizer lotion is needed. If you are not sure, check with your health care provider

Adolescents-to protect from sunburn

Use sunblock when outdoors in the sun


both boys and girls need to apply a shaving cream of some type to the area they will be shaving. This helps soften the hair follicle, which in turn helps the razor cut the hair with less trauma to the surrounding skin. This applies to the face, armpits, and legs

Adolescents-if wearing makeup, it is best to

start with one type of product. This way, if she is going to have a skin reaction to it, she will know which product to stop using