Think cardiac problems, major cation of ICF

Normal potassium levels range

3.5-5 mEq/L

Hypokalemia risk factors

Intracellular shift due to insulin

Hypokalemia subjective data

Weakness, constipation, muscle cramps, fluttering in chest

Hypokalemia objective data

Hypotetnsion, weak pulse, Confusion, PVCs on EKG, inverted T waves, polyuria

Hypokalemia diagnostics

Metabolic acidosis, PVCs, V-Tach, inverted T waves, ST depression

Hypokalemia treatment

NEVER ADMINISTER BOLUS OF POTASSIUM potassium should be corrected as soon as it can be safely done , k I motor cardiac rhythm

Hyperkalemia risk factors

Tumor lysis syndrome, extracellular shift, uncontrolled DM

Hyperkalemia subjective data

Restlessness, weakness, Nausea, fluttering in the chest

Hyperkalemia objective data

Irregular pulse, PVCs, tall peaked T waves, wide QRS complex, diarrhea, oliguria

Hyperkalemia treatment

Administer calcium gluconate or calcium chloride, administer IVF along w d50 and insulin, loop diuretic, administer kayexalate