According to Hubspot, Facebook Page posts with more than 80 characters on average receive more engagement.


What are some ways you can build your audience on your Facebook page?

Share your page, invite friends, find current customers.

What year did Facebook become public?


Which statement is true?

Make your audience's experience on Facebook about their experience and their connections rather than your brand.

A Facebook business page should have a photo or logo as the profile image and an image representing the personality of the brand as the cover image.


Likes versus Shares. "Shares" are considered more valuable because a "Share" means people endorse your content to the point of putting their reputation on the line.


The number one reason 73% of social media users "unliked" a brand on Facebook was because the brand __________

posted too frequently

Examples of ways to boost visibility in Facebook include everything except __________

mixing it up with personalities

Facebook cover photos are an opportunity for brands to make a statement. Which is not a good example of making a statement?

Be consistent with your cover image, don't change it too often.

An example of how and why to use a conversion pixels with Facebook include:

Track newsletter sign ups

When using the partner category targeting with Facebook ads, an example would be

targeting people to buy a car

Organic reach has never been better with Facebook


According to Andrea Vahl's interview, some of the latest trends/features on a Facebook Page include all except

like gates ( Call to Action buttons
Featured videos
Detailed "About Section)

If you wanted to see the analytics of a Facebook Page, you would look at its


The way you use Facebook largely determines what shows up in your News Feed


The biggest trend on Facebook in 2015


While many social media tools and platforms allow you to post from them to Facebook, you'll have the best results by posting directly to Facebook from Facebook itself.


Mark Zuckerberg recently announced in his Town Hall meeting reported in Marketing Land that the best way for businesses to grow Page Likes is to buy Likes.


The best way to reach people who matter to you when promoting your products or services in your Facebook posts is with __________ Posts.


Facebook recent news says it's not important to give people more options than just 'LIKE' as a quick way to emote and share what they are feeling on a post.


According to people Facebook surveyed, there are some consistent traits that make organic posts feel too promotional, which one is not one of these traits:

stories from friends and Pages they care about

When you create a __________ audience of your Facebook fan base, this means you tell Facebook that you have these fans, and you want to target people who are similar in likes, interests, activities and behavior.


A tactic called ____________, is when you place a pixel on your website (down to the specific blog post), then start driving traffic to your blog. Facebook can then track that person. If the person also has a Facebook ad account, they go into a bucket and


In Facebook, use promotional phrases such as "buy now" and "shop now." This language may make it easier for your posts to reach the people you care about.


Targeting fans of other Facebook pages, such as your competitors or people who are aligned with your business is against Facebook Terms of Service.


If you wanted to see the analytics of a Facebook Page, you would look at its


Examples of a Facebook campaign could be any of the following except

scheduling content

One way to increase engagement in Facebook is to ask questions in posts.


____ is the most shared type of content on Facebook right now


Posting with a 3rd party tool results in 89.5% MORE engagement than directly posting to Facebook


What are some reasons to utilize Twitter as mentioned in the lecture?

direct audience relationship building, building community, and promotion

What is the reason that MOST causes people to retweet a tweet?

valuable content

Who is credited with creating Twitter?

Jack Dorsey

What is Twitter's nickname?

real-time network

What is a hashtag (#) used for?

mark keyword topics in a tweet

When it comes to the number of hashtags per Tweet, studies show __________.

using no more than three is best or it could be considered spamming

Which of the following is a DO in regards to posting content on Twitter?

create timely, relevant and on brand content

What app did Twitter launch in January 2013?


Which Twitter tool mentioned (and created by) Moz Academy helps you identify demographics, growth, interests, and what time your followers are most active?


It's not OK to tweet the same thing multiple times.


A Tweet is an expression of a moment, idea or news. It can contain text, photos, and videos.


The best Tweets share meaningful moments - big and small. Examples could be: Quote a famous artist, share a photo of your customer service department or company mascot, or make a Vine video of your CEO commenting on a product launch.


The Tweet heard round the world" was a glaring reminder that every word uttered on the Internet can be heard by seemingly everyone on the Internet, sometimes with serious consequences. Who wrote that Tweet?

justine sacco

Buffer's Nicole Miller is on the front lines of a Twitter community with more than 275K followers. One of her favorite secret weapon strategies is to _________

handwrite personalized note to fans

In Facebook you can "Like" an update. The equivalent to this in Twitter could be considered to __________ a Tweet.


An example of Twitter PR Tips to Increase Media Coverage include: Keep your company's __________ Twitter-friendly and up to date with fresh content.

online newsroom

With Twitter and customer service, __________ is a way to communicate privately. It's a way to take a conversation offline and out of your public feed.


Retweeting messages from accounts you want to align your brand with is a recommended strategy to maximize your Twitter presence.


_________ is/are a way to increase your follower account more quickly than you could on your own.

twitter ads

Your ___________, also known as your handle, is your business's unique identifier on Twitter. It should be 15 characters or less and should be memorable and representative of your business so that you can be easily found.


LinkedIn is known as the __________ network.


Which of the following is NOT a feature of a LinkedIn page?

limited to 140 characters

Which of the following can be found on Google+?


Ways to optimize a LinkedIn Company Page include:

Using keywords in the company description.
Including business hours.
Adding the location if it's a brick and mortar company.
Including the website's URL

In his video interview, Jabez LeBret claims the LinkedIn __________ platform is the biggest opportunity right now for getting reach. He notes being an early adopter can only benefit you.


One way to personalize your LinkedIn personal profile is to connect your Instagram account so potential recruiters can access this.


Google+ has a number of unique features including its highly visual nature and __________

live video chats called 'Hangouts'
its ability for users to organize their connections into 'Circles'

Actively using Google+ Pages would not improve a brand's discoverability on Google search


LinkedIn can help HR teams save time in the screening process by verifying potential candidates by going through their profiles.


Having a Google+ Page can allow your brand to _________

gain more exposure from users recommending your content with '+1's
leverage Google's other powerful products such YouTube
improve your ranking in Google search results

__________ allows you to assess how your public Google+ content is resonating with your audience by visualizing the engagement and shares in a graph.

google + ripples

Create a __________ Page to raise brand awareness, promote career opportunities, and educate potential customers on your products and services. Which type of page does this best describe?

linkedin company

If you want to call out another Google+ page or person, you can directly link to their Google+ page (which notifies them that you're talking about them) by doing what

putting a + then typing their name

Where is the best place to look to show you all of mentions of your brand on Google+?

google + notification bell

In Google+ you can easily manage whose updates you see and choose who you'd like to share with. You can broadcast to the world, or keep your conversations private. What features allows you to do this?


Google+ is one of the most used social media channels


The visual content/thought leadership platform that works very well on LinkedIn is


2015 is the year of ___________ according to Jason Miller

personal branding

If you write a good long form content update on LinkedIn, it is possible it can be syndicated in


The majority of B2B Marketers prefer LinkedIn over Twitter and Facebook


Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text


Why do visuals matter in social media?

Visuals get the most interaction over any other content.
Consumers in social media prefer images and visual content.

Using __________ on Instagram will help extend content's reach.

hashtags and keywords

What are some things you should take photos of to post on Instagram for business?

Behind the scenes at your company
Contests with hashtags

A brand on Instagram should be __________.

human and visual

Pinterest shoppers spend less money per session than Facebook and Twitter users


When using Pinterest, you should try to post visuals that are what?

visually appealing and share worthy

For sales and marketing teams, Instagram is a fantastic medium for previewing or highlighting the newest product, services and trends, or for promoting the latest digital campaign


People are drawn to YouTube for its rich content and __________.

its ability to effectively share engaging photos
its ability to communicate in short, 140 character messages
its ability to provide location-based marketing

Businesses can use YouTube Annotations to entice viewers with a specific call to action such as __________.

'Like' all of their videos
subscribe to their channel
watch more content

In Krista Neher's interview, she talked about taking a five-page document that was not sharable and turning it into __________ to make it more interesting and visual.


What is a "pinnable image" according to Krista Neher?

An image that by itself tells your story

The content on Pinterest is not time stamped.


If you don't have good images on your website, that means your website is not __________ on Pinterest or even Facebook.


If you were launching a business that you wanted to engage with mobile users and utilize crowdsourcing photo campaigns, ______________ would be your best bet.


All content on YouTube is indexed by __________


When you upload a video to YouTube, you can ___________ it on your website, other social media networks and other people's blogs or websites.


The visual social network that comes with a powerful potential for referral traffic to a website is______________________.


Creating a _____________ for your Google+ HOA will increase its visibility and also help promote the event's topic.

custom header