get up

wake up
levantarse por la ma�ana

get rid of something

throw out/away. Put in the bin.
Tirar / Deshacerse de

get well/better


get on

a train, plain or bus.
Montarse en

get off

a train, plain or bus.
Bajarse de

get out of

a taxi a car.
Bajarse de

get in

a taxi, a car.
Subirse a

get engaged to

comprometerse con

get married to

casarse con

get divorced from

divorciarse de

get lost

go away.
Vete por ah�

get on with someone

have a relationship with someone
salir con alguien

get on

how are you getting on in your class?
c�mo lo llevas

get to a location o destination

how do you get to school/to work? By bus or on food.

get paid

how much do you earn

get ready


get into trouble

meterse en problemas

get over something

recover from.
recuperarse de una enfermedad o una ruptura

get by

apa��rselas o arregl�rselas

get away (for the weekend)

escaparse de finde

get away from someone/a place


get away with something

librarse, irse de rositas

get round someone

convencer, persuadir

get someone down

deprimir a alguien

get on with sb

llevarse bien con

get on with sth

empezar o seguir adelante con alguien.
especialmente trabajo

get over someone

recover after end of a relationship with someone.
recuperar la amistad con alguien

get through something

manage to survive a difficult experience or period of time
sobrevivir, superar

get up to sth

do things you know you shouldn't
hacer travesuras

get a shock

quedarse flipado

get hold of


get out of the way

quitarse del medio

get the chance

tener suerte

get the impression

tener la impresion

get the joke

hacer bromas / chistes

get to know

conocer a alguien

get your own back on

cuidar su propia espalda

get real

abre los ojos

get a life

conseguir una vida

get on my nerves

me pone de los nervios

gets her own way

seguir su propio camino

get together