Antidote for acetominophen toxicity?


Antidote for organophosphate/Ach-esterase inhibitor poisoning?

Atropine + pralidoxime

Iron toxicity antidote?

Deferoxamine or penicillamine

Antidote for digoxin toxicity?

Digoxin antibody

Heavy metal poisoning antidotes?

Succimer PO for mild cases
Dimercaperol for more serious cases

What is used for rare heavy metal poisoning cases? What are the rare heavy metals?

Zn, Cd, Cr, Mn and Co

What is used for Beta agonist toxicity/theophylline?


What is used for methanol/ethylene glycol toxicity?

Ethanol or femipazole
Compete for Alcohol dehydrogenase

What is used to antidote Benzodiazepene overdose


What is the antidote for opiate overdose?


What is the antidote for warfarin overdose?

Vitamin K

What is the antidote for CO poisoning?

Hyperbaric O2

Antidote for Copper/iron/lead poisoning?

Penacillamine, (Dimercaperol can also be used)
-Wilsons disease = copper overload

What is used for atropine toxicity?


What is used for heparin toxicity?


What is activated charcoal useful for?

Prevents abosprtion of many toxins in the stomach except heavy metals and corrosive substances