Blood on the River Combo


Boy who ventures with the men of Virginia Company to seek the Orient and gold in what was coming to be America.

Captain John Smith

Captain who was the translator for the crew of Virginia company; Samuel is his assistant

Captain Ratcliffe

Captain who becomes the President of the Virginia Company crew after Master Wingfield is arrested. (also Captain of Discovery)

Captain Newport

Captain who goes back to England to fetch more supplies in the winter (also Captain of Susan Constant)


Servant of Master Wingfield until he was arrested


Servant; was killed while running to the Discovery during an Indian raid.


Reverend Hunt's servant


servant of one of the gentlemen

Captain Gosnold

Captain of Godspeed

Sir Wingfield

First president in Virginia; a gentleman

The Virginia Company

an organization that financed the trip(s) to Jamestown and wanted the travelers to find gold

Edward Brooks

man who died of heat stroke

Ann Burras

servant to Mrs. Thomas Forrest; marries and has a baby

John Rolfe

marries Pocahontas

John Laydon

the carpenter; married; wife had a baby

Master Clovell

died in Indian attack; Samuel got his armor


Powhatan chief's daughter


the Great Powhatan


Indian boy sent to live with the colonists


Chief Sasenticum's son; taught Samuel Indian language, hunting, how to make arrows and knives

Chief Sasenticum

Chief to Warraskoyack village - warned Captain Smith that the Powhatan would kill him

King James

King of England

Susan Constant, Godspeed, and Discovery

What are the names of the three ships that they used to sail to the New World?

Samuel was trying to steal his mother's locket.

What was Samuel trying to steal?

Captain Smith returned to England with Richard.

Captain Smith returned to England with this boy.

He had difficulty getting along with the gentlemen.

On the voyage to Jamestown, John Smith had difficulty getting along with which group of people.

Reverend Hunt

Name the reverend who was with the first group of settlers.

The Virginia Company of London

Name the group of investors who were to profit from the Jamestown mission.

Master Wingfield charged John Smith with trying to take over as ruler.

What charges did Master Wingfield bring against Captain Smith during the voyage? (Chapter 4)

Smith taught Samuel to control his anger.

What lesson does John Smith teach Samuel after Samuel fought Richard during the voyage?

The gentlemen wanted to dig for gold.

What did the gentlemen want to do first once they landed at Jamestown?

The Indians shot at the colonists with bows and arrows, shooting some of the Englishmen

How were the colonists greeted by the Indians on their first landing in Virginia? (Cape Henry).

John Smith knew that the Indians were interested in trading.

John Smith knew that the Indians were interested in what activity?.

Captain John Smith's name caused a ruckus when read as a member of council.

Whose name caused a ruckus when read among the list of those to be on the council?

The orders were to not write anything about Jamestown that was not good.

What were the Virginia Company's orders concerning letters written home?.

The colonists were instructed to trade with the Indians and to not offend them, or make them mad.

What were the Virginia Company's instructions concerning how to deal with Virginia's Indians?.

Reverend Hunt told Samuel he should base his decisions on love, not anger.

What did Reverend Hunt tell Richard he needed to base his decisions on?

Samuel was to be Captain John Smith's page, or apprentice.

What was Samuel's purpose for going to Virginia?.

Reverend Hunt

Who saved John Smith from being hung on the Carib Islands?

Wingapo means "greetings" or "my beloved friend

What does the Algonquian word" Wingapo" mean in English?

He believed the Indians were plotting an attack on them

Why did John Smith want to build a palisade around their settlement at Jamestown?.

Samuel felt that he was responsible for James's death

Who does Samuel feel is responsible for James's death?.

Samuel would be valuable as a translator to the gentlemen

Why did Captain Smith want Samuel to learn the Indian's language?.

A primary source is recollection of an event by a person who was there to witness it.

Each chapter opens with a quote from a primary source. What is a primary source?

The Indians attacked the colonists because they Indians thought they were trying to take over their land.

Why do you think the Indians attacked the colonists?

This law was passed to make sure that every man helped with the duties of the colony.

He that will not work shall not eat." Why was this law passed?

Samuel Collier

The main character who is a orphan that later becomes Captain John Smith's page/student until Captain Smith goes back to England, then becomes an apprentice for John Laydon, and one of the original colonists in Jamestown.

Reverend Hunt

The person who takes Samuel in the orphanage, teaches Samuel about things, knows a lot about God, Jesus, and the Bible, and eventually dies from sickness.

Captain John Smith

An officer that Speaks Algonquin, teaches his page, Samuel Collier, lots of things, and gets injured from a gunpowder explosion.


An orphan that had a fistfight withe Samuel Collier but later becomes one of Samuel Collier's best friend.


A kid who's parent didn't care about him, was also an orphan, and died from a Native attack.


The princess of the Powhatan Tribe and the girl who saved Captain John Smith.

Master Wingfield

The person that accused Captain John Smith and was holding a secret stash of food.


One of the kids at the orphanage that is one of Richard's friends, he also used to tease Samuel Collier, and he was the servant of Master Wingfield.

John Laydon

The carpenter that married Ann Burras

Ann Burras/Ann Laydon

A maid and the person that marries John Laydon and has a baby and names her Virginia.

Chief Powhatan

The chief of the Powhatan, the person who saved Jamestown, and the father of Pocahontas.

Master Archer

The person that got hit in the back of the head with a rock that was thrown by Samuel Collier and the person who got shot in the hands with arrows during a Native attack.


A Native that learns English from Reverend Hunt and is Katina's brother.


Chief Sasenticum's son and the person that teaches Samuel Collier lots of things while Samuel Collier was living in Werowocomoco.

Virginia Laydon

Ann and John's baby girl.

Sir Thomas Gates

The second governor of Jamestown.

Mrs. Thomas Forrest

The mistress of Ann Burras.

King James I

The king of England, he granted a charter to the Virginia Company to form a settlement in the New World, and the New World was named Jamestown in his honor.

Doctor Wotton

The doctor in Jamestown.

the Susan Constant

The largest ship that sent people to the New World.

the Discovery (ship)

The smallest ship that sent people to the New World.

the Godspeed

The second largest ship that sent people to the New World.

Captain Gosnold

The captain of the Godspeed.

Captain Ratcliffe

The captain of the Discovery (ship).

Captain Newport

The captain of the Susan Constant and the leader of the whole expedition to the New World.

John Rolfe

The person that started growing tobacco in Jamestown and later on marries Pocahontas.

Sir Thomas West

The first governor of Jamestown.

Thomas Emry and Jehu Robinson

Two of the men that went with Captain Smith to try to find China or India but died from a Native attack.

Thomas Savage

The person that was traded for an Native boy.


The language that the Natives speak.