Solutions to Objections

I'm not interested...

I understand you have a reason for saying that, do you mind if I ask what it is? (I'm not interested is not an objection, there is an underlying objection that needs to be exposed and resolved)

We can't afford to provide benefits for our employees..

Actually, everything that we do is 100% EMPLOYEE paid, so it costs the business NOTHING. I could go more into detail about that on (specific date and time)

Our employees can't afford this...

You know, with some of our benefits that may be the case. However, the majority of our products start out at around an hour's wage per week. So, as you can see, it winds up be very affordable. I would be able to go into greater detail about that on (speci

We already have that covered..

Ok, Great. What do you guys currently have? (this is very important to uncover. This will help you get the appointment. There are weaknesses in every company. All you have to do is expose the weakness. BC/BS is not a competitor)

We already have a broker..

Great! Who is your broker? (Once again very important. If the broker already does business with AFLAC, you can still set up the account and get paid. Just let me know, so we can take it through the proper channels. If the broker does not do business with

My family member sells insurance..

Great, What company does your family member work with (This is important to uncover. This way, you can figure out how we compete with them, if we compete with them at all) If your family member hasn't brought this to you already, it may because they don't

What kind of benefits are you talking about?

I'm talking about insurance benefits that you offer to your employees. More specifically voluntary benefits, They are called voluntary because your employees have the option to either participate or not participate, based on their needs and wants. Also, t

I'll go ahead and set up a date and time for you to come and talk to my employees about it.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. First, I need to sit down with you for 20 minutes to find out about your business, and what products may be a good fit for your employees. Would (specific time and date) be good for you?

Can you just drop off some information?

I wish it were that simple. However, because we tailor making benefits packages for individual companies, I would first need to sit down with you (specific time and date) to do an assessment. This way, I will know what benefit packages would fit your comp

We have BC/BS..

Ok, Great. Let me ask you a question, Will BC/BS pay an employee paycheck if they have to be out of work for a year? Can any of your employees go without a paycheck for a year? What about 6 months? What about just 6 weeks? That's where we can help. I just