Which person best fits the description of a 'Digital Native'?

Johnny, a college student, does not do anything in the morning until he checks his Instagram account for pictures from last night's party.

Which of the following best fits the role of a 'Digital Native?'

A current Sophomore in college.

Which of the following best explains what social media are?

The online means of communication, conveyance, collaboration, and cultivation among interconnected and interdependent networks.

A synchronous interaction is best exemplified by which of the following?

Messaging back and forth via text messaging with your friend

Social media and traditional media are most alike in which regard?

Social and traditional media include several channels, and within each channel there are specific vehicles.

Broadcasts, digital channels, and print advertisements that reach a large number of people are examples of which type of media?

mass media

Which of the following represents the three channels in the social community zone?

Social networking sites, message boards and forums, and wikis.

Which four types are social publishing sites?

Microsharing sites, media sharing sites, social bookmarking and news sites

Which of the following best describes a social publishing site, such as a blog?

Operates like an online new source for which readers can share information, create discussions, and learn about a wide range of topics.

Which of the following refers to information flowing across people and not from the top down?

The Horizontal Revolution

Which of the following is referred to as the 'fifth P' of marketing?


Which of these three core types of media do marketers have access to when it comes to acquiring space in media to distribute brand messages?

paid, owned, earned

The biggest impact on social media has occurred

in the last 10 to 15 years

Why is it important for brands to be on social media?

It allows two-way conversation between the business and consumer
It allows the brand to become its own gatekeeper

The benefits of looking at social media demographics are

Knowing what networks your target audience uses so as to focus efforts there
Knowing how your fans access your social media pages

In the next five years, businesses using social media will expect

to double social media marketing budgets

According to the "Marketing the Moon" article, the best people to hire for the NASA Public Affairs team were

former journalists

David Meerman Scott defines the term newsjacking as:

injecting personal ideas into a breaking news story

Which of the following is not one of David Meerman Scott's newsjacking do's

hijack a hashtag (Do: get permission, be flexible and publish quickly, stay up-to-date, build a network of reporters/influencers, take industry advantages, be prepared) (DONT: repeat news, news jack tragedy, bad mouth competition, sit on an idea, publish

David Meerman Scott advises students never to ask if they can use social media at work during an interview


Which of the following is an example of THEN and NOW in public relations?

THEN: Press Kits NOW: Content
THEN: Excel NOW: Infographics
THEN: Evening News NOW: Twitter

An example of getting social with the media would NOT be

following up with a phone call

Social PR is written with __________ in mind

The journalist
The audience
Search engines
Social media networks

Which of the following is NOT one of the 4 C's of social media

corporate branding (the 4 c's are content, conversations, community, connections)

Only 30% of customers trust peer recommendations


Grandparents are the fastest growing demographics on Twitter


According to Moz Academy, which stage would be considered "brand and social nirvana" in regards to how customers feel about your brand

defend the brand

Name one tactic named in the Moz article you can use to make sure you're getting all the benefits of customer feedback without artificial weight

create beta/tester communities

In the video interview with Sarah Evans, she mentioned which as being focal points of today's Social Media Management?

Content - Story Identifications
Platform Specific Apps and Tools
Marketing and Automation
Analytics and Monitoring

Sarah Evans describes a new role she has morphed into that mixes public relations and social media strategies. What is her current title

digital correspondent

Social media is not something that should be solely utilized by any one team within a company.


David Meerman Scott's latest book, The New Rules of Sales and Service, talks about the social media revolution shifting into an era with a focus on

one to one

Which statement is true today

We no longer search for the news, the news finds us.
Brands are now publishers
Journalists use social media to find story ideas

Which is an ideal example for social media avatars/or screen names according to Guy Kawasaki?

Business: Your logo as your avatar

According to the Art of Social Media, you can have more fun and display creativity with your avatar, but stay consistent with your cover image.


One of the ways that Buzzfeed got its start was through


According to Joe Puglissi, social media has come a long way but one of the things that is limiting us is


_______________, PepsiCo's longtime chief marketing officer of global consumer engagement recently joined BuzzFeed as the company's chief marketing and content officer. Joe Puglisi told us in the interview to "Google him!

Frank Cooper

The platform that measuring influence is


If you were looking for a social media management job internship at Buzzfeed, Joe Puglisi said the following are most important to be a good buzzfeeder:

data and technology

Which of the following is NOT part of the 8 step social media and strategy plan

hire qualified employers
Look at 8 steps****(build an ark, listen&compare, select success metrics, analyze audience, be human, create a channel plan)

Which of the following would be considered an accurate example of "being human" on social media?

creating an original post using a unique and creative voice

You should always compare your social media strategy to your top competitors.


@Moz says your road map for your social media strategy should have __________ based goals


Your products, features, and benefits are going to be enough to create passion for your brand


PDCA stands for

plan do check act

From, Moz Academy, what is NOT a crucial question to ask when identifying the correct social media channel?

what channels are my competitors utilizing?

Your social media strategy should include all except

100% branded content

If you are trying to use social media to reach the media, which network does Neal Schaffer recommend?


In the complete social media checklist by Mari Smith, the first step is

define target audience (create content that is interesting)

One of the most central parts of social media content starts at

a company blog

Neal Schaffer's strategies on personal branding include

invest time in your own brand and be active on social channels
Follow and engage on social media with people and brands coming from certain industry into which you want to go.
Share with people on social media about what you are passionate about.

Which of the following explains the value in strategic planning?

An organization comes to understand its markets and its competitors.
An organization becomes aware of the changing marketplace environment.
Organizational partners are better able to communicate and coordinate activities.
Helps managers better allocate ti

What are the three phases of social media marketing maturity?

trial, transition, strategic

Which of the following highlights relevant aspects of the firm's internal and external environment that could affect the organization's choices, capabilities, and resources?

SWOT analysis

Which of the following completes the sentence, 'The __________ is a key aspect of the external environment'?

brands competition

The social media mix is composed of which of the following?

Social communities, social publishing, social entertainment, and social commerce.

Which positioning statement is best in line with Google?

The world's information in one click.

Which of the following people will propagate a brand's message and invite others to the experience?


Which of the following terms may involve humanizing the brand, showing a vulnerability to the customer and working as a steward to customer service, or providing a value to the customer?

social persona

According to the infographic in the lecture, how should you write journalism style content?

most newsworthy info, important details, then general information

What is something you can do with a social media calendar?

Theme out months, weeks or days
Leave room for breaking news
Plan out predictable events such as holidays
Mark when conferences or trade shows are

What is the difference between organic and paid content distribution?

organic consists of blog posts and free distribution while paid consists of things such as Facebook promoted ads

Tweets with images have a higher average of retweets, clicks and favorites.


When trying to reach new followers it is not okay to repost old content.


What tool mentioned in the Buffer article lets you monitor mentions of your brand specifically, as well as industry keywords, competitors and more?


Some other content options for posting on social media besides marketing and promotional messages can include what?

job openings
adjacent content
tips and tricks

According to Moz Academy, which of the following is NOT a key question you should answer when defining your brand?

What can we do to look similar to our top competitor?

What are the correct four stages in regards to crisis management?

preparation, response and measure, recovery and prevention

What is the definition of evergreen content?

content that is always relevant no matter how old it is

Which of the following is NOT a tip given on how to create a great title?

always save the best for last, put facts at the end of title

Those who share their goals with a friend are 33% more likely to accomplish them then those who merely formulate them.


According to Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick in The Art of Social Media; every social media content post that is curated should contain a _____ back to the source


Analytics is a scoreboard.


Which is the best answer according to Andy Crestodina? The greatest key in content marketing is we have to be


Andy Crestodina gives this advice for social media in 2015 success

Usa Canva
Contain human images in visuals
Include multiple images in a post
Make social media more visual

Guy Kawasaki's biggest trends in social media 2015 predictions include

Slideshare, LinkedIn and Pinterest

What is the best method when attempting to post to multiple time zones

Posting the same content multiple times with minor variations

Which of the following represents shared content that others can view and pass on to their respective networks?


Assuming the brand's persona is likeable and credible, it can facilitate the process by which a consumer adopts a brand belief of their own. This process is also known as which of the following?

message internalization

What type of advertising is based on a form unique to the vehicle within which it is placed?

native advertising; promoted tweets or sponsored posts

Which of the following is not a way that paid ads in social media can be targeted

distribution segmentation

According to Buzzfeed's Joe Puglisi, people share because of

identity, Emotion and Information

___________ gives people the ability to curate the world's view of them. Which is the best answer?


Joe Puglisi presented these 3 questions to ask to check if your content is share-worthy would be?

Would anyone share this? Is it human? Is it relevant?

According to the infographic in the lecture, how should you write journalism style content?

most newsworthy info, important details, then general information

When trying to reach new followers it is not okay to repost old content.