Test 06 Under The Windows Desktop

Windows creates this database of configuration settings during installation.


What is an entry in the Windows registry that begins with S-1-5?

Security ID

What type of Windows registry object is shown as a top level folder in Regedit, contains one or more settings, and is at the top of one of five hierarchies?

root key

What tool can you use to back up just a portion of the registry?


What is the term for an individual setting within a registry key?

value entry

When using Regedit to browse through the registry, the key that is highlighted is the ____________, and its value entries are visible in the contents pane on the right.

active key

What is the term for a registry key within a key?


This term applies to a file that contains a hierarchy of registry keys and is also a part of the permanent registry.


During this phase of startup, the firmware bootstrap loader program uses hardware configuration settings stored in nonvolatile memory to determine what devices can start an OS and the order in which the system will search these devices.

Initial startup

This Windows 8 feature examines each of the system files required for the boot process before it loads into memory. If one appears to be altered, an unmodified version of the file is used.

Trusted Boot

This UEFI firmware features loads only trusted operating system bootloaders.

Secure Boot

This Windows 8 feature brings the hibernated system session from a Windows 8 Hybrid Shutdown out of hibernation to speed up Windows 8 startup.

Fast Boot

What is the name of the boot loader file in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8?


What Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 file is the OS loader boot program?


What is the name of the file containing a database that is loaded by the Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 boot loader program?


During the Windows kernel-loading phase, the kernel (Ntoskrnl.exe) is loaded into memory by the following file:

Boot Manager (Bootmgr)

Use this feature of Device Manager when an updated device driver causes problems.

Roll Back Driver

This term describes encrypted data placed in a file so that it can be verified later.

digital signature

This term describes the act of decrypting encrypted data placed in a file to determine if the file was modified.

file signature verification

Microsoft uses this technique to indicate that a device driver has passed Microsoft's test for compatibility.

driver signing

With this feature, introduced in Windows 7, a printer or other device can have a "home page" within the Devices and Printers folder from which you can manage all the features of the device.

Device Stage

With UAC enabled, what will you need to do if you attempt to install a device driver in Windows 7 while logged on as a standard user?

You will need to respond to a UAC Credentials prompt.

While not the most drastic Windows 8 recovery option, _______________ removes apps you installed from disc as well as those not purchased from the Windows Store.

Refresh your PC

When creating a shortcut for Device Manager, enter this file name and extension.


When troubleshooting Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 startup problems use this utility to modify and test startup configuration settings.

System Configuration Utility

If you are having trouble starting Windows 7 in Safe Mode because you are unable to access the options menu, you can configure this utility to start Windows in Safe Mode the next time it restarts.


What is the full name of the MSCONFIG utility?

System Configuration Utility

What would you enter in the Windows Run box to launch System Configuration?


Which Advanced Boot Options menu choice will start Windows 7 normally using the settings that existed at the last successful user logon?

Last Known Good Configuration

Which Windows 7 Advanced Boot Options menu choice is not meant for desktop versions of Windows but for Windows server OSs in the role of domain controllers?

Directory Services Restore Mode