The Final Countdown Series 66

Capital Gains Tax

Held it more than a year

Sharpe Ratio

Measures Risk Adjusted Returns

Inflation Risk

Uncertainty that assets will decrease compared to real purchasing power

Debt to Equity

Should be debt to TOTAL CAPITAL. Use Long term debt number twice


All the Securities stuff plus assets.


Measures the WHOLE PORTFOLIOS risk

Alpha Calculation

Beta X both percentages they give you.

S&P rating and the higher rankings

review to reduce clients different risks.

Least reinvestment Risk

Always the Stock

Form 8-K

Newsworthy Events. Relocation is not an event

Increase leverage

Bonds. You you are borrowing money

Current Yield

Div/Mark (Does not include capital gains)

Correlations Tandum

Positive Number. Pick the closest to 1

Investment counsel

Investment advise and investment supervisor duties

Company Offers Rights

Offer Offer.

Advertisement out of state

Admin has no power

performance-based fee

Rich people. based on capital gains - Capital Loss

3rd party solicitor brochure

Always disclosing everything to clients. need all signatures for this one.

ADV Part 2

Deliver to customers annually unless no material changes.

Had no knowledge of Violation

ONly fine ya 5K

Not Discretionary


index annuity

Not a Security

Who can share in profits and losses

Only Agents. IARs can NOT

6 Residents in 12 months

Only works for Investment Advisers

SEC cant F ucks with

financial institution.

Prospectus Delivery required

Only for registered securities

Irr vs npv

Both used to see if future business project is worth it. I really is a discount rate and much simpler

Weird things that are still SECURITIES


Loan from 401K

50K for Primary mortgage. Pay back from normal payroll.

asset classes

individual securities NOT Funds

Past Recommendations

Must go back a full year


Can take the cash when your 25

death benefit

Calculate Annually

Cash Value in Insurance

Calculate Monthly

C Corps

Only business that pays double tax

blanket exclusion from being an IA


Sharing Commisions

Don't have to tell the customer that you fags are sharing.

Utilities anything that don't make its own money

Effected by interest rates the most

Variable anything but Fixed

IS a security

Pay alternative minimum tax

exceeds to his regular income is taxed as regular income(added to the regular income)

cease and desist order

Can issue before or after the hearing

Contrast of growth and value

Earnings Momentum VS Book value

Federal paperwork for State ADMIN

Consent to service & registration statement

Appeal to Growth Investor

Low Dividens payout or High PE Ratio

Person Taxed on Trusts

Revocable trust,

Also Liquid Ratio

Current Ratio: Current Assets / Current Liabilities


unsecured loan

Schedule 13 D
(10 Days)

Grew a big D over 5% of voting shares.


Only Flow through gains & are professionally managed

variable life insurance plan Sales Charge

9 %


Based on Facts according to the law.

Mutual Funds Interested People

60 % of the people

No Prospectus needed

US Government securities or secondary market

Only while employed at the company

Advisers and IAR's are registered

Income from limited Partnership

Not earned income. It's passive

Customer balance sheet

Asset owned - current debts

Living in rental property

Only for 14 days or 10 %

Dividend Tax Info

Dividend are taxable on clients tax return

Bond Yields VS Bond Rates

Interest rates up. Outstanding Bonds Yields go up. Rates would go down.

Short margin credit balance

Short Sale Proceeds

Preferred Shares Conversion

Convertible into common stock

ADV2 For Customer

Balance Sheet not needed. There is no money to balance yet.

TRUST: Grantor Pays the TAX

Reveocable Trust, living Trust, Testament

TRUST: Beneficiary Pays the TAX

Irrevocable Trust, Complex Trust, Simple trust

Maco-economical economy Stimulation

Repurchase US Government Securities

Negative Yield Curve

Means INVERTED so short term rates are HIGHER

Representing Issuers but not an AGENT

Either Exempt transaction or Exempt Security

Retirement Plan for Key employees

Non qualified deferred contribution

Ratio that Determines Investors confidence

P/E Ratio


NEVER sells at a discount

NOT allowed IRA Assets

Art and Life insurance policies

Tracking Errors

Only possible with Index Funds

Credit Card Purchases

Does NOT effect your net worth

Who has Custody

Power of attorney, Manager of LLC, General Partner, and Trustees

Cash Flow statement

Has stuff you write off like amortization and depreciation to get NET WORTH.


Applied to corporate plans

S&P 500

Capitalization & Large Cap

Right of Rescission

Customer has 30 days after HE gets it

Admin is NOT included

State where payment was mailed and were checking account is

Advisory Client Dies

Can still manage the account for the ESTATE

Not Included in Investment Policy Statement

Investment Selection. Customers are to dumb.

New Issue that EXEMPT from FEDERAL law

Equipment Trust Certificate

Variable Life Separate Account Value

Cash Monthly | Unit Daily
touch your unit daily

Have to Register as a Broker Dealer in a State

Have a Place of business in the state or doing business with regular peoples.

Death Benefit adjusts


Growth Stocks

Have low book value

Investment Advisors dealing with Banks

IA must register but the Banks themselves never have to register.

Gift Tax Limitation

14K anything more than that you are paying the TAX

Forward offer to sell

Don't have to be an agent in that state

Wash Sale rule exemption

Funds don't count but Securites do

Slob & bliss rule

Last two letters. Example sell stop limit order

Don't need prospectus

Anything in secondary market.

Send brochure to clients

120 days end of fiscal

Performance based fees

2 million which is more than accredited investors

Eliminate int risk to principal

Bank CD

Statue of limitations civil

Fed 1-3 state 2-3

Pre organized

No money changes hands. don't have to hold it

Simple Portfolio


Simple style

Buy and hold

Over funding

Universal life & variable life

IRA rolled into ROTH

Taxed as Ordinary Income

Term insurance

Cheapest insurance

Exempt Securites USA

Exempt from the act or exempt transaction


Foreign government, insurance company securites, federal covered security

Tangible Assets

Keep place with inflation

Family income statement

Income from dividens and interest - expenses

Family balance sheet

Only assets - liability


TOD is a picky bitch even after he's dead


Small up to 2 billion - large more than 10 billion

Insurance company confusion

Securites they issue only need to be federally registered | If they issue a variable annuity that must register with the STATE

Entities that are NOT Exempt under USA

Bellevue PA is NOT exempt but the state of Pennsylvania IS


Only for Agents NOT RIA (Unless registered as both)


Agent will lose his creds but no an RIA

IAR acting as a TRUSTEE

Must be registered unless in bankruptcy

Who Signs registration statement

CEO CFO and Majority of Broad


Register where you have an office. If your employer is covered in all 50 states.

Government securities

Treasury stuff and issued guaranteed by state or city

Admin picks the date

Registering a security under USA

Weird thing you can recommend

Proprietary products only

bona fide pledgee

Exempt because its a bank liquidated the pledged stock.


Federal securities and SROs | Don't give a fuc about state

USA VS Anti Fraud

Large Commisions ANTI FRAUD | unregistered securities USA


Review and request more evidence

Admin Authority

Enforce subpoenas, require escrow

Securities to RICH GUY

still not exempt unless specifically said

Disclosure but Written Consent

Cross transactions, minority change.

Existing Clients in HOtel

Don't have to register if they are existing clients.

Defined Contribution

Employee paying money so he takes the RISK

Complex Trust

over 11K you are paying the highest tax rate

High P/E

Growth stock for younger person

Investor Styles

Value VS growth tactical VS strategic

Newspaper Confusions

not general and it was not a general circulation item. Example is geared around market events.

Bank investment advice

Can give investment advice without having to register. However you better be registered giving advice to a bank

Adv times

Update 90 give to customers 120


Is the risky one