Phonics Test

Phonemic Awareness

The ability to notice, think about, see, and work with the individual sounds in spoken words. All verbal.


A way of teaching reading and spelling that stresses symbol-sound relationships. Letter names.


Meaning units (prefixes and suffixes) that are added to root or base words.

Closed Syllable

A syllable that ends with a consonant sound.

Compound Word

Two words joined together to create a new word.

Consonant Blend (Cluster)

Two or three consonants with closely related but separate sounds.

Consonant Digraph

Two connecting consonants that make one sound.


Two connecting vowels that make a distinct sound, unlike either of the two vowels.


Unit of writing that represents a phoneme. ex. /d/ /o/ /g/


The part of a word that precedes the vowel.

Open Syllable

Syllable that ends in a vowel sound.


Smallest unit of sound in spoken words.

R-Controlled Vowels

When the letter r follows a vowel and alters the vowel sound.


The vowel and any letter that follows the beginning consonant.

Short Vowels

Vowel sounds that occur in words like hat, men, hop.

C Has Two Different Sounds (e.g.)

/k/ sound when it is followed by a or o
Ex. Cat, cot, car, candle, cow.
/s/ sound when it is followed by e,i, or y.
Ex. City, cent, cell, cycle, circle.

Y is Sometimes a Vowel (e.g.)

/i/ when it appears at the end of a syllable or word
Ex. By, fly, why, cry, sky.
/e/ when it appears at the end of a polysyllabic word
Ex. Baby, funny, silly, happy, hairy.

Consonant Blends (e.g.)

br- brick, broom, broccoli
pr- pray, price, pride
bl- black, bless, blend
tr- trust, trade, tree
cl- clap, class, clay
dr- drive, drama, dry
cr- crop, cry, crab
-ct- act, fact, pact
st- sting, stab, stack
-nd- band, kind, end

Consonant Digraphs (e.g.)

ch- cheese, chair, chest
sh- shut, ship, fish
ph- phone, phase, photo
gh- rough, tough, enough
th- thin, thing, thumb

Short Vowels (e.g.)

( ? )
a- bat, cat, mad
e- bed, gem, leg
i- bin, fin, pig
o- fog, mom, hot
u- bun, rug, fun

Long Vowels (e.g.)

When a vowel sounds like it's name.
( � )
a- face, came, place
e- see, eat, heal
i- life, bite, hide
o- bone, rose, nose
u- cube, use, rude

Vowel Digraph (e.g.)

ai- mail, snail, sail
ay- day, say, pay
ea- break, meat, sea
ey- they, key, honey
ei- eight, vein, height

Diphthongs (e.g.)

ow- cow, how, bow
oi- coin, choice, oil
oy- boy, toy, joy