Test 3- Behavioural Assessment

Junior is the new bx analyst on the board. Being ambitious, he constructs a bx'l assessment inventory that permits the scoring of 10 different bxs in 15s intervals. Which of the following weaknesses is most likely to interfere with the validity of this in

� Bx'l complexity and frequency

by carefully designating the response properties that constitute the TBs, we maximize

� Validity

the social validity of a bx intervention plan can be enhanced by

� Measuring and reducing episodic severity

a(n) _____ measure of the actual bx of interest will always posses more validity than a(n) ___ measure

� Direct, indirect

____ measurement is consistent measurement

� Reliable

When data give an unwarranted or misleading picture of the bx because of the way the measurement was conducted, the data are called a (n)

� Artifact

general, artifacts can be limited by scheduling ______ observations.

� Frequent

Cumbersome and difficult to use measurement _______ can lead to inaccurate and unreliable measurements

� Instruments

reliable data are not necessarily _____ data

� Accurate

Ms. Frieder, who teaches 5th grade at elementary school decides to conduct a descriptive FBA for Amelia. Refusing to do school work, creates form for specific antecedents and consequences that precede and follow work instruction. Accords these A & C's reg

� Abc continuous

Mr. Peterson having troubles with consistent rocking in child. Wonders what events are associated during the school day that cause bx to occur:

� Scatterplot

______ _______ refers to the likelihood that an event will come before or after the TB

� Conditional probability

__________ refers to the likelihood that an event will occur at all (whether or not the bx occurs at all)

� Background

14 Jose moans and complains when he is given seatwork to do, His teacher is just as likely to come and help him every time whether or not he complains...For complaining bx the background probability is ___ than the conditional. This illustrates _____ cont

� The same, neutral

Ilya complains, when she does complain the teacher comes and helps her. The background probability is ___ than the conditional. This illustrates a _____ contingency.

� Lower, positive.

barney moans and complains, when he does complain the teacher is less likely to come and help. The background probability is ____ than the conditional. This is a ___ contingency.

� Higher, negative

if a child's swearing is maintained on a VR10 schedule of attention, a very ____ proportion of the swearing will be followed by attention,. We might ______ conclude that attention reinforces the bx

� Low, erroneously

when interpreting changes in level between baseline and intervention, the procedure that involves drawing a line through the highest/lowest ______ data point and parallel to the X-axis through the intervention phases referred to as _____

� Baseline, PND

which of the following describes a DFBA

� Direct observation of the bx made under naturally occurring conditions

Limitations of descriptive assessment is:

� May be misleading in that it can identify environmental variables that occur in close proximity to the PBx but that are not casually related to PBx
� May not be reliable